Does Wisdom Tooth Removal Hurt?

Model showing a wisdom tooth growing at an odd angle.If your wisdom teeth aren’t coming in correctly, then it’s very common to experience pain. The tooth might be coming in at an angle or getting stuck underneath your gums. Still, many people feel more worried about the possible pain that getting their wisdom teeth removed will cause. Unfortunately, this fear can stop people from getting their teeth extracted even when it’s necessary.

At Atlantic Dental Partners, we believe it’s important that patients understand that getting their wisdom teeth removed will not cause pain. The reality is quite the opposite. Getting your wisdom teeth removed could save you from a whole lot of discomfort and damage in the future. Here’s more about what you need to know!

Safeguard in Place

In the landscape of modern dentistry, there are many safeguards in place meant to protect patients from feeling any kind of pain when they have a dental procedure done, including wisdom teeth removal. For example, we use local anesthetic to numb the treatment area. You can also take advantage of sedation dentistry, which is a safe way to ease dental anxiety and fear. With sedation dentistry, your wisdom tooth removal may pass by in the blink of an eye!

The Cost of Not Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed

Every patient's case is different, but it’s very common for wisdom teeth to cause further dental issues and pain. This is because if a wisdom tooth doesn’t erupt properly, or, in other words, if it doesn’t emerge from the gums properly, it could open the door to infection. If a wisdom tooth does erupt but is coming in at a wrong angle, it could push against the nearby teeth causing dental concerns and discomfort. Wisdom teeth forcing their way in can also cause other teeth to move out of alignment.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Malden & Jamaica Plain

If you’re afraid that getting your wisdom teeth removed will be painful and it’s stopping you from getting the care you need, contact us at Atlantic Dental Partners. Our skilled team is here to ease your concerns and make sure you enjoy a healthy, happy smile. Contact us to schedule your appointment.


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