What Foods Are Healthy for My Teeth?

We all know what foods we should limit for the sake of our teeth (I’m looking at you, sweets, soda, and so much more!), but have you ever wondered what foods are healthy for your teeth and that you should add to your repertoire?

celery and carrots, tooth friendly foods


While celery may have a reputation for being a bit boring, celery is also affectionately called ‘nature’s toothbrush.’ The stringy texture of celery gives it an edge and helps it to scrub food particles and plaque from the teeth and gums. Instead of a candy bar, choose celery and some hummus for your afternoon snack and your oral health will be far better off.


An apple a day may keep the doctor away, and it also helps keep your teeth healthier! The fibrous fruit of an apple literally helps to clean your teeth as you chew. Snacking on apples increases the production of saliva, which helps to fight the odor-causing bacteria that lead to bad breath.


Staying on the fruit and vegetable train, carrots are another example of a recommended food that is healthy for your teeth. Like apples and celery, chomping on carrots increases the production of saliva in your mouth and helps clean your teeth. Carrots also have important vitamins that support gum health.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate (in moderation) is one of your best choices to satisfy your sweet tooth and still preserve your teeth. Unlike gummies and caramels, dark chocolate doesn’t stick to your teeth and it contains natural antioxidants (called polyphenols) that limit the bacteria that contribute to bad breath. These polyphenols also help fight tooth decay!

Even if you add these foods to your diet and eat them regularly, that still won’t preclude you from your regular checkups and cleanings with the friendly team at Atlantic Dental Partners. Contact one of our offices (located in Malden and Jamaica Plain) to schedule an appointment with us today! We can go over how your diet affects your teeth and offer tips on how to protect your smile.




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