Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is Better than Over-the-Counter Whitening

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Have you ever felt frustrated by over-the-counter whitening products? If so, you aren’t alone. While these treatments can work and are safer than DIY whitening hacks, they often don’t give the results you want. Is a professional whitening treatment a better option? Let’s break down why over-the-counter isn’t the best choice and why professional whitening can be. 

What Over-the-Counter Whitening Products Are Out There? 

When you want to whiten your teeth at home, you have a few choices. Whitening toothpaste contains ingredients that can deal with surface stains. After using it for a while, your teeth can appear whiter. However, toothpaste doesn’t get rid of stains deep within the tooth. 

Whitening strips are another common treatment. These bleach your teeth with peroxide, so they are a bit stronger than toothpaste. Results can still take time and you should always follow the instructions. There are also whitening trays that cover your teeth with gel. These tend to give results faster than strips.

Why Is Professional Whitening Better? 

Professional whitening uses the same general science as whitening strips and trays, but the results are better and faster. One reason is that the bleaching gel is much stronger. It’s able to break down both surface and deep stains. It’s also more effective because we customize your treatment based on your needs. 

At Atlantic Dental Partners, we use Zoom! Whitening. This laser teeth-whitening treatment uses a medical-grade whitening gel that’s activated by a special light. In under an hour, our dentists can significantly lighten the shade of your teeth. We also offer custom trays you can use at home. Unlike the trays you would buy over the counter, these are fit specifically to your mouth, so the powerful gel does a much more efficient job. 

Do You Want a Whiter, Brighter Smile? 

A whiter smile is a great confidence booster and something you might consider before a big event like a wedding. If you want to know more about professional teeth whitening and why it works better than over-the-counter products, please contact us! We have office locations in Jamaica Plain and Malden. 


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