Start Your Anti-Cavity Diet Today!

Elder woman holding an appleYou don't have to wait until New Year's to begin a smile-friendly diet.

Dr. Eskandar recommends the following tips to strengthen your teeth through you snack choices.

Choose Chocolate

Out of all the sweets you could choose from to satisfy your craving, dark chocolate is probably the best for your teeth (chocolate lovers, rejoice!).

Dark chocolate doesn't stick and linger like caramels and gummies do. You can finish it quickly instead of letting your teeth soak in sugar for a long time like they would with a lollipop. Lastly, some natural elements found in dark chocolate could help fight off cavity-causing bacteria. 

Cheddar, Anyone?

Dairy products are packed with calcium, making them great for reinforcing teeth and bones.

Sharp cheddar is good for stimulating your saliva glands. Saliva, in turn, is necessary for keeping the pH of your mouth in balance and cleansing your enamel of harmful bacteria. Plus, the calcium is great for strong teeth and bones. 

Get Hydrated

Perhaps the simplest and most effective diet-change you can make is to switch your drinks for plain tap water.

Water is essential for a clean and well-hydrated mouth, boosting its immunity against cavities. Other drink options tend to contain lots of sugar and other acidic elements that only wear down enamel. You can't go wrong with plenty of water! 

Fresh, Fibrous, And Fabulous!

For cleaner, more plaque-free pearly whites, opt for fresh fruits and veggies. The high-fiber content or coarse texture of things like apples, carrots, celery, and broccoli do wonders for naturally scrubbing harmful plaque off of enamel.

Interested in some more cavity-fighting tips?

Plan your visit with the Atlantic Dental Partners to find out where your cavity risk is at.


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