Three Benefits of Same Day Dentistry

Jamaica Plain MA Single Visit DentistryAt Atlantic Dental Partners, we offer same day dentistry treatments like crowns…a procedure that used to take two appointments to complete. While this may not seem like a big change, it means huge improvements in the quality of services that we have to offer your family.

Less Time Off Work

Is it challenging to get off from work? If it is, two visits that are two weeks apart may be even more difficult to arrange. With a same day crown, all you need is one visit and you’re done! All we need to do is prep your tooth, take a virtual “impression” and wait as the crown is made, before bonding it permanently to your tooth.

Save your vacation time for that weekend getaway you’ve been planning, instead of a trip to the dentist.

More Efficient Appointments

Being able to make your CEREC crown here in our office prevents the extra time of mailing an impression off to a lab and having it made elsewhere. We can save time and even complete additional treatments while your crown is being milled. That way you catch up on other procedures during the same appointment…like fillings, bonding, or your cleaning.

Quality Materials Without 3rd Party Labs

CEREC crowns are carved from solid blocks of porcelain. It’s both cosmetically pleasing and durable enough for everyday wear. You can expect CEREC crowns to hold up just as well as a porcelain crown made from our local dental lab. We can still match the material to your other teeth, so you get the same great appeal without compromising on aesthetics or quality.

Interested to learn more about our same day crowns? Call Atlantic Dental Partners today!

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