When Is a Deep Dental Cleaning Necessary?

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Sometimes it takes a little extra work to restore your smile’s health. A dental deep cleaning can be an important step for patients dealing with certain dental issues. To learn more about why and when you might need a dental deep cleaning, keep reading.

When Is a Dental Cleaning Necessary?

A sure sign of an issue with your gums is when they don’t fit snugly to your teeth. As the gums begin to separate, pockets will form between the teeth and gums. Those pockets open up the opportunity for bacteria to make a home, leading to eventual gum degradation and bone loss. If our dentist notices this occurring in your mouth, they’ll suggest a deep dental cleaning for you.

What Does a Dental Deep Cleaning Entail? 

If you are scheduled for a dental deep cleaning, here’s what you need to expect. The procedure starts with the scaling process. This is when we will get to all of the plaque and tartar that has built up under the gums and around the gum line. Next up is planing. During this process, we will smooth out the teeth and tooth roots. This allows the gums to reattach and fit comfortably against the teeth. The whole process may take more than one visit. Once the treatment is complete, you are likely to experience some sensitivity. We will give you instructions for how to best care for your teeth in the coming weeks.

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