Will It Hurt If I Get an Implant?

Elder woman holding an appleA gap in your smile leaves space for teeth to shift into, letting them drift out of alignment. This leads to difficulties chewing, restoring other teeth, and preventing disease.

Filling in the gap with a partial denture is one option. A dental bridge is another. But only an implant will completely replace the missing tooth with a permanent solution that doesn't affect your other teeth (or your lifestyle).

If you're searching for the perfect tooth replacement, you've probably considered getting a dental implant. Fear of pain, however, might be holding you back. 

Implant Procedure: What It Feels Like

You'll be perfectly numb for the procedure. It won't feel much different than getting a filling. You won't have to be sedated (unless you want to) and the whole thing is usually done within one short hour.

Your treatment will probably happen over two appointments. The first is to place the implant within the bone that will secure the abutment. After healing, you come back to get the abutment and the restoration (such as a crown) over it. The second procedure is often quicker than the first.

Life With An Implant

Once you get a new implant, you'll wait a short period for healing time. Most implant patients report that this wasn't as uncomfortable as they feared. An ice pack and mild pain reliever are all you need to stay comfortable while healing.

After your implant is completely healed, it will feel and function just like a natural tooth. You'll soon forget it's even there! Talk with the smile experts at Atlantic Dental Partners to find out whether an implant is right for you.

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