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Halitosis Treatment for Bad Breath in Malden & Jamaica Plain, MA

While bad breath is certainly embarrassing and can produce social drawbacks, it can often be a warning sign that you need to see your dentist. At Atlantic Dental Partners, we understand the importance of addressing the root cause of your halitosis, or bad breath. Chronic bad breath can be an indication of an underlying oral health condition such as gum disease, decay or dry mouth. You can trust that our dentists are compassionate and skilled when it comes to halitosis treatment. We will thoroughly investigate your specific cause and offer effective general dentistry remedies to restore your dental health and your confidence.

Treatment for Bad Breath

While you may find temporary relief from a breath mint or chewing gum, these methods are only masking a chronic bad breath problem. Most cases of bad breath can be traced back to poor oral hygiene. When food debris and bacteria are left in the mouth, they can form volatile sulfur compounds that produce a foul odor. When hygiene is the source of bad breath, your condition can be easily remedied with more diligent brushing and flossing habits as well as routine professional dental cleanings. Tongue brushing is especially important when treating bad breath.

Bad breath can also be a warning sign of gum disease. Therefore, our dentists take extra measures to evaluate the health of your gums during your visit. If early or advanced gum disease is found, you can trust that we have a number of advanced options to reverse your condition, including a deep cleaning using ultrasonic scaling to remove bacteria beneath the gum line. Our dentists also understand additional factors that can contribute to bad breath, including certain medications or overall medical conditions. At Atlantic Dental Partners, we offer proven products and treatments that can help you get long-term relief from your embarrassing bad breath.

If you are suffering from bad breath on a frequent basis, please don’t hesitate to contact Atlantic Dental Partners today for an appointment. We always deliver a compassionate and knowledgeable approach to your oral health care. We want our patients to benefit from a healthy and confident smile through all stages of life.