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Implant-Supported Dental Bridges in Malden and Jamaica Plain, MA

While dental implants have the best reputation for replacing a single missing tooth, they also provide unrivaled advantages in terms of replacing multiple teeth as well. If you have a few or more missing teeth in a row, a custom dental bridge can fill in the gap and restore your smile. At Atlantic Dental Partners, we proudly offer the latest and most proven dental bridge systems available, including implant supported dental bridges. Our dentists are known for excellence in implants and restorative dentistry, and they are anxious to rebuild your smile so that you can live a healthier, more confident life after missing teeth.

When is an Implant Supported Bridge the Right Choice?

There are many types of dental bridges, and we will help you determine the best option for your specific clinical needs, preferences and budget. A dental bridge involves a series of prosthetic teeth that must be attached on either side to abutment teeth. Patients with healthy adjacent abutment teeth may choose a dental crown or framework to attach their dental bridge. However, for patients that do not have abutment teeth to properly support a bridge, dental implants can be used as a valued alternative. By surgically placing dental implants, we can create a strong foundation to securely anchor your dental bridge.

In most cases, one implant is placed for every missing tooth, which allows the bridge to be held in place. However, it is also possible to use two implant supported crowns to support the bridge on either side if placing multiple implants is not desired or possible. Dental implants offer unrivaled benefits as a single tooth replacement as well as when they are used to support a bridge, partial or denture. Implants offer greater stability, more comfortable function and a more natural feel compared to other tooth replacement options.

To learn if an implant supported bridge is right for you? Please contact Atlantic Dental Partners today. You can count on our dental team to recommend the solution that will best meet your individual needs and financial goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Implant-supported bridges are an excellent way to restore both the appearance and functionality of your smile. If you have any further questions that we didn’t answer below, please reach out to our office and we will be happy to address any bridge-related questions or concerns!

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What are implant-supported bridges? Are they permanent?

Implant-supported bridges are exactly what they sound like: bridges that utilize the support of dental implants to provide a solid, long-lasting solution for missing teeth. Implant-supported bridges are considered a permanent solution for patients who are missing multiple teeth. They can last an average of twenty years or longer, while traditional bridges are often replaced every five to ten years. For many patients, their original implant-supported bridge can end up lasting them for the rest of their lives.

Are implant-supported bridges painful?

A local anesthetic is used for most dental implant procedures, which numbs the area around the tooth and makes the entire procedure painless. The jawbone where implants are placed does not contain any nerves that would make implant placement painful either. In the days following the implant procedure, you may feel some pain or discomfort, but it shouldn’t be anything that an over-the-counter pain medication can’t relieve.

Are dental implants expensive?

Dental implants can be one of the more costly dental services. However, an implant-supported bridge is a great investment for patients who need a permanent replacement option for missing teeth. Atlantic Dental Partners offers and accepts several flexible payment methods, including our in-house dental plan and new patient specials that offer discounts on dental implant procedures. We also allow patients to split up the cost of their treatments through third-party payment plans like CareCredit® to make dental expenses more manageable. For more information about financing your dental implants, give our office a call or check out our financial page.

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